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Intertect, Inc. (“International Detectives”) is organized for charitable purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a non-governmental investigation firm with the primary global mission of solving problems in the pursuit of justice, the increase in safety and security, and the reduction of crimes. Also known as the IDIA (International Detective & Intelligence Agency). We look forward to helping you.

When you're wondering who to turn to... turn to Intertect.

About Us

NOTE: We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization.Intertect, Inc. (“International Detectives”), also known as the IDIA (International Detective and Intelligence Agency) is organized for charitable purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a non-governmental investigation firm with the primary global mission of solving problems in the pursuit of justice, the increase in safety and security, and the reduction of crimes.Specifically, Intertect accomplishes its not-for-profit mission by:a. When possible, offering no-cost and reduced-cost private investigation services,
intelligence services, and other services to individuals and organizations who/that
demonstrate financial need and a public benefit;
b. Gathering, analyzing, and providing information and intelligence to people and
organizations worldwide in furtherance of our mission;
c. Assisting local, county, national, and international law enforcement organizations and the
related intelligence communities with cold cases, missing persons, surveillance,
investigations, and other cases for which manpower is limited and/or budgets are low or
d. Coordinating large, complex, national and international cases that further our mission by
acting as recruiter, team leader, and manager;
e. Handling difficult, abandoned, or international cases in pursuit of our mission;f. Providing intelligence, threat assessments, and training to schools, companies, and
organizations to better prepare them for and defend against intrusions, breaches, active
shooter situations, theft, crime, and terrorism;
g. Providing executive protection and security services;h. Finding bail jumpers, fugitives, property, and assets;i. Helping individuals locate and reunite with lost family, friends, and acquaintances, as well as lost and/or unclaimed property;j. Assisting investigators (both public and private) worldwide to more easily and more consistently solve cases on which they are working;k. Reducing cybercrime, human trafficking, child predatory activity, drug smuggling, gang
activity, white-collar crime, fraud, and petty crime, and helping to solve such cases;
l. Increasing community safety, trust in law enforcement, trust in private investigation, and
cross-cultural / community awareness;
m. Bridging the gap between local and national police forces and the communities in which
they serve;
n. Providing various forms of community self-defense instruction and helping individuals and
groups in raising situational awareness;
o. Providing foreign language training, and other educational services;p. Creating local volunteer patrol organizations and intelligence networks in communities,
regions, and countries worldwide;
q. Building collaborations and partnerships with related organizations.In other words, Intertect is the company you turn to when you need information--about a person, about a company, about a crime, about anything, anywhere. We are an elite international private investigation and intelligence agency designed to help you, your family, your company, or your organization legally get the information you need to make the best decisions possible.We can help you locally around the corner, or go where you need us to go, anywhere in the world.When you're not sure who to turn to, always turn to Intertect.Intertect, which stands for INTERnational DeTECTives, was founded by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, who is a licensed private detective, a NY attorney, a bronze-star nominated Iraq war veteran intelligence officer, a former certified FL law enforcement officer certificate holder, a former felony public defender, and citizen of the world.COMPANY INFORMATION
Legal Entity Name: Intertect Inc.
State of Formation: Delaware
HQs Location: Miami Beach, FL
Agency License Numbers
FL: A-3100191
NY: 11000229967

Our Staff & Credentials

Intertect investigators are some of the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the world. We hold ourselves to an impeccably high standard, and a standard that is unmatched in the industry.Each of our senior level investigators, at minimum, meets the following criteria:
- Licensed as a private investigator (if licensing is required) in at least one locale
- Significant background in three of the following: Law Enforcement, Law, Insurance, Military, Medical, Cybersecurity, Aviation, Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, or Computer Science
- At least a master's degree
- Can speak two foreign languages aside from English at least at a conversational level
- Holds a current valid passport
- Excellent physical shape
- Has lived abroad for at least 3 months, or has traveled extensively throughout the world
- Has a black belt in Krav Maga for self-defense, or is pursuing one
- Holds a black belt in another martial art for self-defense, or is pursuing one
- Has a competent understanding of cybersecurity and computer science
- Has an excellent speaking ability in English
- Has extensive entrepreneurial experience and understanding of business
- Has excellent people skills
- Has firearms self-defense training and permits (where permitted by law)
- Has a great desire to use these skills to help our clients

MONROE MANN - Founder, CEO, & Lead Investigator / Intelligence Analyst
Monroe is the founder of Intertect. Location: USA / Europe / China. Here are his credentials:
PhD, Psychology, Capella University | JD/MBA, Pace Law | LLM, Pace Law | Masters of Entrepreneurship, Western Carolina University | Associates in Computer Science, University of the People (Pending) | PMP (Project Management Professional) | Bronze-star nominated Iraq war veteran, Captain, Iraq, Intelligence | Public Defender, Felonies, Westchester County New York | Speaks French, Chinese, & Italian, and spatterings of many other languages | Web Developer (Ruby on Rails / Javascript) | Public Speaker | Film Producer, Actor, Director, and Writer | 10-Time Published Book Author (including a # 1 best-seller) | Founder: | Founder: | Licensed Private Investigator: Florida | Authorized Private Investigator: Wyoming, Colorado | ICBI - Basic

FEDERICO DE FAVERI -- Investigator / Intelligence Analyst / Operations
Federico is a staff member at Intertect. Location: USA / Italy. Here are his credentials: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology (Minor in Chemistry) | Full Stack Software Engineer | OSINT and Cybersecurity Expert | Tech Entrepreneur | Martial Artist | Speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, and Russian | Licensed Private Investigator (CC License): Florida

ABOUT YOUR NAME HERE? -- Newest Team Member
We are actively recruiting team members, so if you're interested in what we are doing, please reach out.

Our Services

Intertect offers a number of investigative and intelligence related services in line with our not-for-profit mission to help you or your organization. If you don't see precisely what you need, reach out anyway. We can assist you, or we can refer you to someone who can.Surveillance
Determining information about a person or entity through regular and repeated cover tailing, observation, and analysis.
Missing Persons
Finding the whereabouts of an individual who has become difficult to locate through traditional methods.
Undercover Investigations
Using ruses and/or cover stories to gather intelligence otherwise unobtainable.
Criminal Investigations
From theft to murder, gathering information and evidence to help prove or disprove a particular set of criminal allegations.
Insurance & Legal Support Investigations
Assisting professionals in gathering data that can help prove or disprove a case.
Background Investigations & Dossiers
Determining who someone is (or someones are), and particularly whether they are precisely who they say they are, if they have done what they have said they have done, and if there are things they are perhaps trying to hide.
Cybersecurity Investigations & Security
Determining who may be trying to attack your system, from where, why, and how you can protect your critical infrastructure.
Armed & Unarmed Executive Protection
Protecting you, your team, and your loved ones from nuisance and threats from the public, paparazzi, and people in general.
Corporate Intelligence Gathering
Determining information on a competitor and/or internal affairs.
And more. Again, if you don't see precisely what you need, reach out anyway. We can either assist you, or we can refer you to someone who can.
Note: We do background checks on each of our clients. If we determine you have misrepresented yourself or your client, are attempting to gather information for an illegal or sinister purpose, or have put us in a deliberately awkward situation, we may choose not to take the case, may abandon the case, or may refer the case to proper authorities. If you represent a government entity from any country, either directly or by proxy, we require that you fully disclose that up front.

Our Locations

Intertect is a not-for-profit Delaware Corporation.We are currently licensed to operate in both FL & NY.Our Florida address is:Intertect, Inc
901 Pennsylvania Avenue
Suite 3-409
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Our New York address is:Intertect, Inc.
74 S. Broadway, 4th Floor
White Plains, NY 10601
Legal Entity Name: Intertect Inc.
State of Formation: Delaware
HQs Location: Miami Beach, FL
Agency License Numbers
FL: A-3100191
NY: 11000229967


Leandra R -- International Opera Singer
"Dr. Mann, as part of a complicated legal case I was involved in, solved an almost impossible international investigation related to cross-border cyber stalking. As an opera singer making international stage and television appearances, I attracted the attention of a tech-savvy internet stalker. Numerous authorities told me that it was an unsolvable case due to a lack of applicable international laws or treaties. After years of the cyber-stalker being in my life, I met and hired Mr. Mann who used his legal knowledge and investigative abilities to find a solution. He worked directly with the Singapore Police Force over a number of years to solve this mystery and win my case, sending them scrupulous details of a decade worth of data. The case made international news including articles in The Economist, CBS News, and Straits Times. Further, the Ministry of Law Singapore and the Council of International Investigators recognized the contributions in the field of winning such an important and unprecedented case. Dr. Mann is dedicated, genuine, and determined to win any project he is involved in."
Ben T, Esq. -- Attorney
"Based on the more than 2 decades I have known Monroe, I can say he is a person of the highest character, genuinely interested in other people, and willing to help a friend or stranger in need. It is clear to me, from the work Monroe has undertaken over the years, that he puts himself in the service of others, whether helping them advance their careers, tackle legal problems they face, or embark on a journey of self improvement. The wide range of people he has helped is evidence of his strong standing in the community, one that values his experience and seeks out his expertise. Monroe's honesty and integrity are without flaw, and his moral compass cannot be questioned."


Intertect offers a number of training programs to both those interested in investigations and intelligence, and also those simply interested in improving physical fitness.- Basic Investigator Training Program
For those who are interested in learning the basics, and/or pursuing our Intertect Certified Basic Investigator (ICBI) credential.
- Advanced Investigator Training Program
For those who want to learn intermediate skills, or have already earned the ICBI and who want to pursue our Intertect Certified Advanced Investigator (ICAI) credential.
- Expert Investigator Training Program
For those who want to learn advanced skills, or have already earned the ICAI and who want to pursue our Intertect Certified Expert Investigator (ICEI) credential.
- Intertect Fitness
We hold our investigators to a high level of fitness and self defense. For those members of the public who want to reach a similar level of physical fitness and self-defense proficiency, we offer training to the public through our Intertect Fitness program. All Intertect Fitness trainers are Certified Personal Trainers through NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine), or are actively enrolled in the NASM CPT training program.
If interested in any of these programs, please reach out to us. We have in-person programs in South Florida, and online programs via zoom and other online tools.


Intertect Global offers the most prestigious private investigation certifications you can earn, and simply because they are among the most difficult to attain. However, for these reasons, earning these credentials can dramatically help your reputation as an investigator.MEMBERSHIP / CERTIFICATION PROGRAMBENEFITS FOR MEMBERS1. It’s easier than people think to get a PI license; it doesn’t necessarily ensure competence, skills, professionalism, or ethics. Our certifications go deeper than a PI license alone to clearly separate the awesome from the average.
2. Gain access to an elite group of peers who didn’t join just by paying a fee. Membership is by application only plus after demonstrating a very high level of credibility.
3. Clients will trust you more as they learn what you had to do to gain membership.
4. Intertect does major advertising. We run $10,000/month of global google ads. We also often run radio ads. Your name will also be on our website so we can therefore help you find more clients.
5. We (through our investigative agency wing: IDIA) have access to potentially larger cases we can recruit you to and bring you in on and/or refer to you to handle independently. We also can bring you in on Joint Task Force missions.
6. Showcase your broad range of expertise through explicit verifications of your training, experience, skills, and abilities. Also gain exclusive access to advanced training you won’t find anywhere else.
7. Be a part of our not-for-profit mission to elevate the reputation of the PI field worldwide.
8. Share in our mission of increasing safety, reducing crime, fighting injustice, and improving communities worldwide.
9. Gain access to our members-only Slack group allowing you to quickly and easily reach out to, communicate with, and gain feedback from other members worldwide.
10. Opportunities to both speak with and meet other Elite PIs, plus other potential team members within the field, in both online and in-person events.
11. Help Intertect become as well known, as well respected, plus as operationally high-speed as Interpol. Get in on the ground floor today of this exciting not-for-profit opportunity. You will be able to be a part of the Intertect leadership structure as it grows.
12. Get a certified digital badge for your agency and your investigators to list on your website, as well as a printed certification card.
PUBLIC BENEFITS OF INTERTECT1. The public trusts our team of certificated investigators and agencies more than any others in the industry. We are the best of the best.
2. No need for clients to waste their time searching on the internet conducting due diligence about your agency or credentials. We have done it all for them, and then some. Clients can stop wasting time, can stop losing sleep, and can more easily get the job done and find the answers they seek.
3. Our ever-growing network makes the world and all of its communities safter in which to live, grow, and thrive.
1. Agency Certifications
(lists number of staff on our website, including other pertinent information)
BASIC: At least 1 investigator is certified at basic level, plus $100 per year
INTERMEDIATE: At least 1 investigator is certified at interm. level, $125 per year
ADVANCED: At least 1 investigator certified at adv level, $150 per year
ELITE: At least 1 investigator certified at elite level, $200 per year
2. Investigator Certifications
BASIC: Meets basic core requirements + 3 certified skills (at any level): $50/year
($25 app fee)
INTERMEDIATE: Meets intermediate core requirements + 7 certified skills (1 at elite level): $75/year
($50 app fee)
ADVANCED: Meets advanced core requirements + 10 certified skills (2 at elite level): $100/year
($75 app fee)
ELITE: Meets elite core requirements + 10+ certified skills (3 at elite level): $150/year
($125 app fee)
NOTE: Foreign applicants or any applicants for whom we must do deeper background investigations may have to pay an investigation fee to a member agency of your same nationality to gather more local information about your credentials.Core Requirements:
• Pass the Intertect PI exam (B/I/A/E)
• Length of time as an investigator (B: 3 months; I: 1 year; A: 3 years; E: 5 years)
• Having a license (or working in a jurisdiction where license not needed)
• Letters of recommendation from clients served (show actual proof of working with clients): B: 1, I: 3: A:5 E:10 (Written for B & I; we call them for A & E)
• Membership in other Intertect-approved investigative organizations (How do we approve other organizations, such as FALI, TALI, WAD, etc)—B:0, I:0: A:1 E:2
• Show competence, honesty, integrity, dedication, reliability, and other core Intertect Values (create the Intertect values, and investigators must show that they meet them at various levels)—B/I: Written; A/E: Structured Interview
• Intertect does its own background check on them at various levels of scrutiny. B:Basic State Verification; I: Open Source; A: IRB Search; E: Intertect certified investigators do full background investigation
• Shows personality, confidence, and ability to communicate well (zoom interview)
• Shows evidence of writing well in language of work (live writing sample while on zoom)
• Shows evidence of speaking well in language of work (zoom interview)
• Shows evidence of being able to find answers: B: Basic Open Source Task; I: Inter. OST; Adv: OST; Elite OST)
Skill Certification Categories:How to Prove: certified training certificate, competency certificate, or school vouching for you, or state certification, or notarized statement from those who can vouch for skills. Skill certifications included in application fee price, but any additional certs are $25 each.Note: those marked with an * are Elite Skills (those skills not typically associated with a traditional private investigator)
• Computer Programming / Hardware Assembly / Electrical Engineering*
• Ham Radio / Advanced Communications
• Entrepreneurship *
• Leadership
• Foreign Language (Basic, Int, Adv, Fluent) *
• Martial Arts / Defensive Skills
• Firearms Training
• Driving
• Cybersecurity *
• Forensics
• Fraud Investigation
• World Traveler with Valid Passport
• Not For Profit *
• Military *
• Accounting *
• Law *
• Medicine *
• Aviation *
• Drone
• Stationary Surveillance
• Mobile Ambulatory Surveillance
• Mobile Vehicular Surveillance
• Bug Sweeping
• Corporate Intelligence
• Missing Persons
• Cold Cases
• Law Enforcement Ready (i.e. relationships established)
• International Partners *
• Skip Tracing
• Bail Enforcement Agent / Fugitive Recovery
• Background Investigations
• Intelligence Analysis
• Complex Case Management and Analysis *
• International Cases *
• Physical Security Threat Assessments
• Executive Protection
• Active Shooter
• Counter Terrorism
• Counter Intelligence
Please contact us if you are interested in applying for one of the above certifications.


Come join us. The bar to join the team as an executive, investigator, and/or intern is high, but, with patience and determination, is attainable.If you meet some or most of the minimum requirements in the 'credentials' section of this website, please reach out to us.We are seeking any of the four following types of people:
- Licensed investigators with an entrepreneurial mindset and an eclectic background.
- Eclectic individuals who have the ability to become licensed investigators and who have an entrepreneurial mindset.
- Individuals who are interested in becoming private investigator interns at the company.
- Individuals who want to support the investigators from the office, who also have an entrepreneurial mindset.
All team members must believe strongly in our not-for-profit mission.NOTE: Before you apply, ask yourself these following questions, which help us determine if you may have views that are contrary to objectively conducting sound investigations. We do not want people with extreme views. Anyone with sound investigatory skills and a moderate and fact-based outlook on the world will be able to answer 'no' to all of the below questions. We welcome applications from those whose answer is 'no' to each of these questions:
-- Do you consider yourself woke?
-- Do you consider yourself a social justice warrior?
-- Do you believe the media is equally fair to the left and to the right?
-- Do you believe some voices should be censored and canceled simply because of their views?
-- Do you believe men can become pregnant?
-- Do you hate the military and police?
-- Do you agree with no-cash bail?
-- Do you generally support illegal immigration and believe it is justified?
-- Do you believe it is important to remove the southern border wall in the USA and ideally, dismantle it?
-- Do you believe abortion in the third trimester should be permitted simply at a mother's option?
-- Do you believe more government printing of money and more government spending will result in a reduction in inflation?
-- Do you believe politicians (of both parties) generally put the people first?
-- Do you believe Donald Trump is an evil person who should never be allowed to run for office in the United States?
-- Is the 'Ultra MAGA' movement in general a concern for you that must be monitored at all costs?

Contact Us

If you are interested in our services, or would like more information, please complete this form. You may also send an email directly to us via: However, if you wish to send sensitive information, only do so by creating a free encrypted email account and sending your case details from that email address to our encrypted protonmail account at Upon receipt of your correspondence, we will reach out to you to gather the details of your case.

Thank You

Thanks for reaching out. A representative from Intertect will be in touch with you shortly.